Department 13

Episode 1: Paradox Lost (Part 1) – Cover



In the 22nd century, the world was united – joined together as one people for the common welfare of all mankind. However, human nature prevailed, and Earth was all but destroyed by in a civil war with its colonies on Mars and the asteroids. Nearly a century after the colonies won the war, humanity struggles to survive on Earth. Feudal societies compete for the planet’s remaining resources. One bastion of civilization in this wasteland is NeoTokyo, a corporately managed megacity built above the ruins of old Tokyo. The city is home to the world’s most highly trained private military force, the NeoTokyo Armed Services Corporation (NASC). The most skilled soldiers in this company make up their elite Special Forces Division. This is the story of their newest branch office: Department 13.


Happy birthday to me! Hey everyone, and welcome to my new (and very-long-awaited) webcomic. Some of you may know me from my other comic, Heroes Inc., and some of you may be new readers of my work, but to everyone, thanks for checking it out. This has been a long time coming – literally over a decade in development – and represents a very large chunk of my creative energy spent over the last several years. Sure, I could have started this sooner, but I felt the story was so strong that I needed considerable time honing my artistic skills to do justice to it (also, I’m lazy.)

As with a lot of my work, this is really more of a hobby and a passion of mine than an attempt at a career in comics, which means I don’t have firm deadlines set for myself. That said, I’m going to attempt to post with a bit more frequency than I’ve been known to in the past. My goal is one page a week, which considering the complexity of this venture, is a goal I’ll have to push myself to meet.

Thank you in advance for reading. To keep up with the comic, subscribe to the RSS feed (link on the right), or add me on Twitter @robertllynch where I plan to post updates as well. I hope you stick around and enjoy the comic!

~Robert L. Lynch


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