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Episode 1: Paradox Lost (Part 1) – Page 2

Enter our protagonist.
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Comments on Episode 1: Paradox Lost (Part 1) – Page 2

  1. V says:

    Nice job updating weekly so far! Now that this has gotten off the ground, I can’t wait to see it really, truly go. :-D

  2. Spellca says:

    I’ll be honest. At first I was unsure about this and really hoped Heroes Inc. would just continue but I really love the art and have a feeling the story will be just as awesome.

    Good luck with this on-going.

    • Heroes Inc. isn’t dead, it’s just on the back burner for a while. There’s still a story to tell there, but for now my brain just isn’t thinking in pixels. Mario and crew will be back, I guarantee it.

  3. Spellca says:

    I never thought it was dead. But, this is spectacular. Keep it up.

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